Cultural and Educational Foundation J.U.D.A.

Cultural and Educational Foundation J.U.D.A.

As founders we agree that the meaning and development of the social object of the “JUDA CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION” can be evidenced by being an organization of common utility, non-profit, at the service of the community available to all people. In the development of this fundamental purpose, the foundation may set up, develop, consolidate, direct, plan, execute, coordinate, evaluate, organize and perform all kinds of activities of common interest in society, mainly in management and purposes related to social management , the defense of human rights, education, competitiveness, recreation, promotion and prevention with children and young people in the city, training for peace and democracy, leadership training, social and public assistance for people deprived of resources and material and economic support to private organizations of a social and non-profit nature that propose similar objectives of those proposed by the foundation.

J.U.D.A. was born on October 31, 2010 with a social focus, located in Comuna 13 of the city of Medellín,  which works with youth and adolescents of that Comuna.

A theatrical, artistic, creative and investigative work has been developed in a permanent laboratory with young people coming from different sectors of the Comuna 13, many of them affected by social problems, conflicts in the area and / or families hit by violence. This has given this area of the city the theatrical space which has been continuous. The group varies between 12 and 20 participants between 13 and 30 years of age.


One of the functions that the group fulfills in the community is to give ongoing training workshops in favor of life project. Here we work together with different professionals of different areas that allow us to expand our knowledge in the face of training expectations for young people. It is responsible for the coverage of city events such as recreations, musicians, dance, painting, sound, lights and theater.


Between violence and art there is a pitched battle for children and adolescents, where we all bid to be part of our “side”; preventing one from taking a gun and instead use a paint brush,  to avoid the suffering of families and the destruction of their own lives. That is why the role of the Arts in times of violence is overwhelming when it comes to forming a society.


The group makes a missionary trip every year to different places in the country, working with children and adolescents in vulnerable conditions; and there, we share with them for about 3 days.  Amongst the main activities carried out in these trips is the training of leaders, the performance of play activities and the donation of gifts such as toys, clothes, among others.


We dream of the permanence youth process, where we can accompany them in their journey in higher academic life, supporting resources for corresponding activities (registration, tickets, food, study material, among others). In addition to the above, we want to install a soup kitchen in our area for girls and boys with low economic resources, where they can be accompanied by professionals from different areas and have a permanent defense of their rights