Doña Alba - Eng

Doña Alba

My name is Luz Alba Franco, when I was little I only attended school until third grade, because I dedicated myself to helping my parents in the upbringing of my younger siblings. I started working in a company doing cleaning, and then I worked as a machine operator. For a while, I was out of work, in a very difficult situation, since it is not easy to support a family without resources.

One day after leaving my children’s school, I told a woman I was out of work, she told me she could teach me how to make Ice cream, so that I could make them and with that I would earn money. I started going to her house so that she would teach me, when I made the Ice cream I realized that they were very good, and that people really liked it and that motivated me to try new flavors, which led me to work on something that really love to do.

I started making Ice cream with $18,000 pesos that I had, using the freezer in my house where I could fit only 80 Ice creams. Little by little I was growing, and sales began to increase.

The project began to grow and little by little it became not only the business to sustain me daily, but I was also was able to give employment to my family, close friends and even people I do not know, but who needed employment and I gave them the ease of selling my Ice creams.

Now I have achieved many things, but I think that as long as one has life, health and company of God, one can always continue dreaming.

Now I dream that Cremas Doña Alba continues to grow, and is able to help many women who are in a vulnerable situations, so that, and as I could, get their children ahead with a decent job.