John Alexander Serna

I am an entrepreneur and I have started different businesses such as Café con Aroma de Barrio, Tatua tu Prenda and now Graffilandia, where I not only look for an economic benefit, but also look for social impact of positive transformation for my community.

María Ninfa García Echavarría

A happy woman, mother, friend, teacher, and social worker. I am a woman who one day dreamed big, projected different goals on a personal and family level, which day by day I have been reaching.

Jorge Mario Alzate Salazar,

All my life I have lived in the Comuna 13 in Medellín. A place in the city that for a while experienced intense violence, where the inhabitants had to learn to live in the midst of the problems that they lived

Luz Alba Franco

When I was little I only attended school until third grade, because I dedicated myself to helping my parents in the upbringing of my younger siblings. I started working in a company doing cleaning, and then I worked as a machine operator

Angélica Oquendo Ramos

I am the Founder of the Cultural and Educational Foundation J.U.DA., which has 8 years of experience. Art is used as a means of social transformation, focused on youth and adolescents in the sector.

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