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I am Jorge Mario Alzate Salazar, all my life I have lived in the Comuna 13 in Medellín. A place in the city that for a while experienced intense violence, where the inhabitants had to learn to live in the midst of the problems that they lived. As a singer, I have proposed to change the image of my community, with music I wanted to convey that the Comuna 13 is a beautiful place where most of the population are people of peace, workers, entrepreneurs, but above all with infinite values and a great respect for life.

From the time I can recall, I have been passionate about music, and during the last 10 years I have dedicated to being self-taught, to work hard to make my own songs, because I not only sing, I also compose my own songs. I have more than 47 songs, in which most of them, tell stories, with which I seek to address issues that leave positive messages, mainly to respect women and the appreciation of my community as a place of tourism in the city of Medellin, where you can appreciate art and urban culture.

I recently made a song called “Welcome to the 13th”, in which I talk about the transformation that my neighborhood has experienced, and have invited everyone to get to know us. Another song that has been recognized is one that is called “I Do not Love You”, which is a story of a woman who suffers from a man who does not value her, who simply sees her superficially, this song leaves a lot of teaching to those women who have suffered and have gone through a situation like that.

To those people who are still not clear about what they like and what they are passionate about in life, to those people who do not have a sense of direction in their lives, I recommend that you visit our “Sentido de Vida” webpage.  Here by the means of videos from different professionals and different artists we will be giving strategies oriented to realize your life project.