Our history

Our history

“Sense of Life” was established as part of an innovation academic project to generate social change, in which the 12th grade students we required to complete at The Columbus School in the city of Medellin. The idea of ​​this topic as a project begins from the experiences I have had from the time I was little working with different social activities with populations that are in vulnerable situations

From my experiences I have been able to prove and verify that one of the things that a vulnerable population most needs is “Learning”, when talking about learning, I do not only refer to the subject of learning from theoretical training in a technical or professional field, I am also referring to  comprehensive training in topics for life.

This population needs a guide that teaches them how to get out of the situation they are presently in, realizing a life project that allows them to recover their sense of life.

From early on, I learned the great power of knowledge, I learned that when a person develops life skills, they become a shield of protection against the adversities that arise. I have had the opportunity to verify and prove that those who have developed a life project have acquired life skills and have grown in different aspects that have allowed them to achieve their proposed objectives, improving their quality of life and overall well-being.

As mentioned before, the birth of this project called “Sense of Life”, which is a virtual non-profit program; is developed to provide information to people who feel they need strategies to generate positive changes in their lives, strategies that allows them to carry out a life project aimed at recovering their sense of life.

Finally, I want to clarify that this project is not only to fulfill an academic assignment that is required for graduation.  I have also decided to carry out this project long-term because I identify with the mission of supporting those who are in situations of vulnerability. Just as I feel identified with the calling and teachings of Mother Antonia and Father Serra, I feel Oblata at heart and the need to indefinitely provide a contribution to society, as well as continuously seek to build a better world.

Mariana Badillo Arango