Angélica - Eng


My name is Angelica Oquendo Ramos, I am 28 years old and  live in the Comuna 13 of the city of Medellín. My first career after graduating from the cooperative University of Colombia was as a nursing assistant and my second degree was a Master´s in Dramatic Art from the University of Antioquia.

I am the Founder of the Cultural and Educational Foundation J.U.DA., which has 8 years of experience. Art is used as a means of social transformation, focused on youth and adolescents in the sector.

My quest as a young woman is to be a life transformer, companion of dreams and to be deeply inspire future generations. With a commitment to reach the best version of myself and of all those who are part of my foundation.

My team is constantly trained in human rights, peace, reconciliation, art, culture, diversity and education. The ensemble of all these issues, allows us to arrive in a more openly manner to the youth who inhabit the area.

As director of the foundation I have a huge stake in public education, articulating with some institutions of the Comuna 13 to conduct training workshops in the community.

My great dream is to have a self-sustainable foundation, permanent processes, with a commitment to potentialize life skills of all those people who are part of our process.