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My name is John Alexander Serna, I was born and raised in the comuna 13 in Medellin, in a barrio named Independencias 1, a place where violence prevailed during my childhood and adolescence years. I grew up in the middle of armed groups, who were the ones that had the power and authority in the neighborhood, and became the ones the youth referred to during my time, since at a social and family level we did not have others to look up to and be a role model to follow, until reaching the point of believing that our life project was to be one of them.

As a result of the presence of armed forces and the needs of the neighborhood, the security issue became so delicate that we had to live through the Orion Operation, a war that left many deaths, sadness, pain and the worst part of it all, the reputation of being a very dangerous place.

My life project changed, due to art, at the beginning it was difficult to identify my skills and relating them to my true passion. What is now seen as art, before was seen as damaging, I was punished at school because I scribbled in the back of my notebooks, which was considered to be wrong in the eyes of my teachers.

One Christmas, I started to paint walls with a group of neighborhood friends of Christmas themes, we then began to be recognized as the graffiti artists of the neighborhood and now our barrio is known for the Graffiti Tour.

My life project now revolves around different aspects that I have worked on every day to achieve well-being, improve my quality of life, but above all, support vulnerable people so that they can find their sense of Life, as I did.

Now, I do what I love for a living, and dedicate my days in doing what I enjoy most. I have projected myself  internationally, and have traveled to Brazil and Switzerland and soon will be in other countries.

I am an entrepreneur and I have started different businesses such as Café con Aroma de Barrio, Tatua tu Prenda and now Graffilandia, where I not only look for an economic benefit, but also look for social impact of positive transformation for my community.

After reading my presentation or seeing my videos, you feel the desire to start a life project, but don’t know how, I strongly recommend you visit our website “Sentido de Vida”. In the tab of “Our Program”  you will soon find videos that will teach you how to start your life project.