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Maria Ninfa

I am María Ninfa García Echavarría a happy woman, mother, friend, teacher, and social worker. I am a woman who one day dreamed big, projected different goals on a personal and family level, which day by day I have been reaching.

I constantly have new goals; propose myself new ideals, which give meaning to my life day to day. Despite the fact to maintain a life project is something that is part of my life, it was not always easy, I lived through different difficult situations, for which I sometimes felt that I lost hope.

I worked as a babysitter, house cleaner, cook, various trades, administrator, amongst others; each job with various difficulties and problems. The change of my life was a process that did not happen overnight, it was something that was built day by day, with dedication, a lot of effort and an infinite desire to see my dreams come true.

To finish high school was fundamental to reach my proposed goals, after I received a technical degree in early childhood, which helped me enter the labor market as a teacher of a kindergarten, where I ascended to become the pedagogical coordinator. I complimented my technical training by studying sign language, which helped me to understand and know many children with hearing disabilities.

In my work as Kindergarten coordinator, I saw the need to know the realities of families of children, I visited the homes of all children for 3 years, where I could know their problems of daily living. In this way, I began my first steps as an empirical social worker. What I did on a social level gave me passion and did it with so much love, that I decided to be a Social Worker.

The dream of being a professional became a reality, with the support of many people and institutions that believed in me. My efforts and dedication of several constant years of work; were rewarded the day I received my diploma as a social worker.

Thanks to all my experiences, I now put my knowledge at the service of people who are in a vulnerable situations, I help and support women and families who need a social worker to guide them in their daily walk.

In my experience, I have learned that when you have a life project, you can work day by day with a clear north that shows us the way to act. Whoever reads this and does not have a life project, I recommend you visit our webpage “Sense of Life”, in the link “Our Program”, you can find videos of different professionals that will teach you strategies to develop your own “Life Project” “